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For companies we provide optimal combinations of telemarketing services from defining markets and generate priorities to converting them into sales, scheduling meetings, customer retention, complex programs to recover lost customers and loyalty of existing ones.

As competition leads companies to diversify their customer retention methods and to approach potential customers, communication channels increase and turn out to be necessary to monitor market trends and developments thereof.

We can collect for you this information, in order to develop your business closer to the market. Using a variety of communication tools, we can find the interest of potential customers for various types of products and services, the potential launch of a new product, changes in customer perception about your company or other companies in the same market.

Using this information, you can decide which market segments you can focus sales efforts or you can adjust your offers to the specific needs on the identified segments.

Our operators experience will facilitate your company's efforts to increase your presence on targeted segments. Our specialists are trained to complete each phase of the sales process, from identifying and increasing customer responsiveness until the end of the sale, from invitations to events by developing and maintaining relationships with your customers to increase sales.

We will develop every interaction with your customers and potential customers through services such as:

  •  calls for the introduction of the brand and company
  • help desk and info line (Complete assistance for customers), handling complaints
  • measuring customer satisfaction and lost customer recovery programs.

Company customers represent the engine of company development. Each company wants to build a generous portfolio and to ensure their long-term relationships with each client. Qualitative and Quantitative  Research and Studies Center will provide you support to achieve this goal.