Satisfaction and LoyaltyJ

For a company is vital to know the perception of customers about the products and services you provide. With this service you can see your regular customers’ opinions about the ease of purchase, quality and value services, sales readiness, responsiveness of staff and customer problem solving.

Efficient studies on customers satisfaction measures their perception of how well a company brings success factors and dimensions in their relationship with its customers. Success dimensions are set by the quantitative results, interpretation which gives an overview on actual customer perception on the quality products and company services.

The service is an effective way of measuring customer satisfaction that benefited from interactions in one of your business processes (procurement, services, post-acquisition, etc.).  Information can be stored and interpreted so that you can analyze the results and identify the market trends quickly.

The customization costs of the relationship with existing customers are much lower compared to the costs of acquiring new customers, for which reason, retaining existing customers it should be a priority for any company. With this service you can build a long-term reliability of your customers.

A company’s costumers represent its engine. Each company wants to build and ensure their long-term relationships with each client. Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Studies Center provides support to allow you achieve this goal.