Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Studies Center has shown professionalism over two intense years in terms of social and political surveys.

Data collection is the foundation on which, using the most modern methods of analysis, can build foundations to ensure the development of your company. In our team could be found specialists in sociology, economics, psychology, political science and communication.

Companies base their decisions increasingly more on the current situation analysis of specific markets, decisions and buying behavior of potential customers and also competition and its actions. Company managers want to take decisions and solutions that can be implemented easily and as close as possible to the expected results. Aware of the social responsibility of each company, the managers of many companies want to understand the social environment in which they operate.

For a comprehensive and accurate qualitative and quantitative research you need:

  • National coverage
  • Experienced staff
  • Specific software
  •  High-level analysis

To ensure the accuracy of data collected and the quality of all the offered call center services , our company has completed an investment program of € 50 000, representing professional workstations, secured servers, dedicated telephone and internet channels. For data collection, including the underlying social and political analyzes is used a specific software that provides national coverage of subjects. Subjects are interviewed by telephone, using for this purpose calls from a public phone category of fixed and mobile networks.

Professionalism of our employees makes the carried conversation to be pleasant, to notice the respondent opinion. The defining activity of our center is the desire that each respondent to understand the importance of the answers they provide and thus errors due to dishonest responses of respondents to be minimized. For us is really important that the respondent should not feel annoyed by the interviewer and to be deliberately induced in error through the suggested answers.