Year 2013 is the balance year of our activity in the Romanian business environment. After ten years of experiences, efforts and results, we can say that we have expertise in:

  • Call center activities,
  • Support activities for companies: secretariat, logistics etc.,
  • Analyzes and diagnoses related to outsourcing business,
  • Market and economic analysis and surveys,
  • Database management and data collection,
  • Personnel analysis and operational flows establishment on the companies.

Since 2013 we are Centrul de Cercetări și Studii Calitative și Cantitative (Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Studies Center).

For us innovation and adaptation are combined to find the best solution for customers. Our performance means distinguished employees and experienced staff who make arrangements to work together perfectly.

All the services provided by our professional employees and our partners want to bring a plus on your company's achievements. Often the answers that clients seek outside the company are located in their own company. Following a diagnostic analysis, we will provide you only what we don't find on your company. In all 7 support directions developed in our company, with our valuable business partners, we support our customers who always appreciate us as part of their business. Our colleagues are designing and implementing for your company only the outsourced services that truly bring value to your company.

The benefits that companies derive from outsourced services are substantial on labor productivity growth. Employees focus on core business, and substantial savings of resources (time and money).       

Our methods, the increased flexibility of the structure with which we operate, staff training and continuous assessment results, allow us to rapidly develop and adapt the solutions to achieve your desired results.

We'll be glad to try to help you find the responses to the questions that underlie innovation, performance and quality.